Top Pointers for Playing Airsoft

Top airsoft tips to improve your game

Airsoft is unique competition sport and there are many reasons why somebody may want to play this game. Airsoft guns are replica firearms that shoot out plastic pellets through compressed gas, electric or a spring piston.

Here are some tips to massively improve your airsoft game and skills. When playing, keep these tips in mind and you should see improved accuracy, focus and overall performance.

  1. Practice wearing all the right equipment. When practicing, it is important to wear and use all the gear that you would when actually playing. This will help you get used to the added weight.
  2. Use the correct BB weight. When first purchasing a gun, you should test which BB weight works best. The three major weights are 12g, 20g and 25g. Look out for accuracy and travelling distance.
  3. Use your sights. Even if you have an automatic gun, you should always fire through your sights, rather than places such as the hip. This can seriously damage your aim game.
  4. Don’t wait around. Once you have fired, immediately re-arm your weapon rather than waiting to see if you have hit your target. If you have found you missed, fire again. Find out about gun sales.
  5. Take your time. Don’t start erratically shooting as soon as you seen an opponent, take your time to line up your sights and make an accurate shot.
  6. Strong pistols. When you have a strong pistol, keep the gun in your best hand with the cock the side of your weak hand. Having it the opposite way around can decrease accuracy. Difference in guns.
  7. Wear appropriate clothing. You must wear the right clothing for the game. If you find yourself being too hot or cold, you will begin to rush your shots, therefore sacrificing accuracy.
  8. Invest in a good quality gun. The more you invest in a good gun, the more it’ll pay off. AEG’s are great airsoft guns to invest in and will serve you better than two cheaper spring guns. For example, the A&K M249 MK1 Support Weapon AEG.